What if I'm unsure about what brow technique is best for me?

We offer complimentary consultations for any permanent makeup service you may be interested in. We will ask you a few questions about what your ideal brows would look like and take into account your face shape, amount of hair you have, bone structure, coloring, etc. We map out the brows during a consultation and on the day of the procedure and make sure you are in love with them before we proceed with the treatment.

How do you know what shape is best for my face?

We will take into consideration what brow styles you like but we will also shape the brows using our signature shaping and measuring technique. Sometimes we will draw two different shapes to help you decide what you like best. No two sets of brows are ever exactly the same and are unique to each client.

Can I get permanent makeup done if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, unfortunately we cannot do any permanent makeup if you’re pregnant. As for breastfeeding, it is safe but anytime we are breaking the skin we are putting ourselves at risk of infection so make sure to keep the area very clean during healing. It is possible colour retention can be lower due to hormones which may result in a touch up needed sooner.

I've had permanent makeup done elsewhere & I don't like it, what can I do?

If you have had permanent makeup done and are not happy with it, book a consultation so we can see your brows in person and assess if a correction or removal is needed. We offer previous touch up rates for clients who have had their brows done elsewhere but this is for work that doesn’t require any correction or removals. A consultation for previous work is always needed.

How long does the appointment take?

Every permanent makeup appointment is booked for different time slots but can range from 2-4 hours depending on the service.

Does it hurt?

We apply numbing cream before & during the service to ensure you’re comfortable. If you feel any sensitivity, let your artist know so she can apply additional numbing cream.

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different and some factors can cause sensitivity like menstrual cycle, hormonal replacements, medications, etc. For the most part, clients say it’s a breeze!

Can I still apply regular makeup?

Yes! We love being able to add makeup on top of permanent makeup either to add a finishing touch or for a bolder look. We prefer to keep your permanent makeup soft and light for everyday and then you are free to add makeup whenever you like.

I get cold sores, can I still get Lip Blush?

Yes, lots of clients get cold sores or have had them in their life at some point. Lip Blush can trigger cold sores so if you’ve ever had them (yes, even if it was 15 years ago) you will need to get a cold sore (Valtrex) prescription from your doctor. You will need 7 days worth and take this 4 days before your appointment, and 3 days after to ensure no breakout will occur.

Semi-permanent and permanent makeup, is there a difference?

Semi-permanent and permanent makeup is the same thing. Yes, confusing, we know. Permanent makeup is called permanent as we are permanently changing the dermis of the skin by applying pigment. However, unlike traditional tattooing we use fade factor pigments that slowly fade over time so if you decide you no longer want to keep it up it will eventually fade away. That being said, fully fading away can be 5-6+ years if not more depending on pigment choice, technique, skin, etc. Eyeliner using a black has a possibility of lasting trace amounts for 10+ years due to using the colour black.

Is this tattooing?

Yes, even though we use different pigments and work at a more shallow depth in the skin it’s still the same concept of tattooing the skin.

Why is permanent makeup so expensive?

We use the highest quality products on the market for permanent makeup procedures in our studio. All needles, microblades, and other items used during the procedure are the top of the line in our industry and are single use, meaning they are disposed of after each client. When you choose a permanent makeup artist you can also think of it as choosing an experienced tattoo artist.  You are paying for the artist’s experience in the field as well as their expertise and the quality of work.  

Why should I spend more money to get permanent makeup here, rather than somewhere cheaper?

Just like anything in life, cheapest isn’t always best. This is a cosmetic tattoo on your face that will be there for years to come.  You want to choose a professional, qualified artist, with many years of experience in this very specialized field. Our artists have many certifications in a variety of techniques of permanent makeup as well as a combined 16+ years of experience. Viada is a high-end downtown studio, and a very clean and sanitary environment with an extremely high level of hygienic practices in place before, during and after each procedure.  

How long does it last?

Permanent makeup varies in how long it lasts depending on skin type and aftercare but you can expect to get some great longevity out of your new brows, lips or eyeliner! Brows typically last from 1 to 3 years before needing a mini color refresh appointment. Lip Blush lasts 2 to 6 years and Eyeliner lasts 2 to 7+ years.

The term permanent makeup can often be confusing because it has the word permanent in it, however it does fade over time. However, it is very easily maintained with a touch up every year or two to keep it looking fresh.   

Still have questions?

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